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Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer

As a fundraiser it is your job to connect, have you considered volunteering? Personally, I am not always looking to raise money for an organization, I like to build relationships with human beings. People are my motivation in life. Recently, like, the last three weeks, I went on a "world tour", well not THE WORLD, my world. I started out working at in Aurora, Colorado, connecting with contacts that I have had for many years and seeing their faces again-- a lot of fist pumps and a few hugs and so many "happy to see you'" abounded. New friends, old friends, new acquaintances and old, so many people thrilled to reconnect. My journey continued to another conference in Orlando, Florida, then off to DC to see clients. Where does the volunteering come in? Throughout my three-week exploration of the US, I offered myself to numerous opportunities, some small, some large--sometimes it was just jumping in when I saw a hole that needed support. The final leg of expedition was to Tampa. I brought my daughter along and we both volunteered to support an organization raising money to give full scholarships to children whose parents were killed while serving our country. The event itself is a secret..... and the rewards of volunteering are never ending. Knowing that I put my time to good use, in support of an organization that wants to make sure children are educated puts a smile on my face. I am lucky, I have watched my three kids go to college, two graduates and one half way there. Some parents aren't so lucky.

So, to my point above, volunteering is an important part of my life. Is it a part of yours? Do you think that volunteering for the organizations you are also raising money for, or other organizations in and around your non-profit or association would benefit you? Do you think that contacts you make out in the world see you in a different light when they see you put actions to your words? Feedback welcomed. And, BTW, more to come. Getting ready for a two-week volunteer assignment that I will document via blog, FB and LinkedIn! Can't wait to share. #volunteer #nonprofit #association

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