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Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life.

I have always taken that saying to heart. When I am on my game, making calls, sending emails, receiving responses, it is like a high I can't explain. The euphoria I feel from fundraising, building relationships and bridges, connecting people to organizations, has filled my life with happiness. Do you feel the same way about your "job"? Are you a proud member of the team? Do you share with your friends, colleagues and social media outlets what you do and who you work for?

This is a telling sign.


  1. Do you wake up excited about the day ahead?

  2. Do you enjoy seeing your colleagues in person or on Zoom?

  3. Do you feel like a valued member of the team?

  4. Do you share your thoughts and ideas?

Every non-profit is unique, with a different mission, goals and vision. I always ask myself; can I connect with this organization? Do I truly understand their mission and the difference they are trying to make in the world, country, state or city? If you can feel the pain, the excitement, the joy, or the strength of the change your organization is trying to achieve then you are on your way to fulfilling your own destiny.

If you are going to work today, stop and do a sound check on yourself--what are you hearing.

If you are not going to work today because your role doesn't feel like work- share how you got there, how you stay and what keeps you motivated.

Love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.

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