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Let's have a bake sale!

Fundraising has always been about connecting donors with the cause. Fifty years ago, volunteers created activities to help them do that: flag days, house to house collections, cake sales, sponsored walks, jumble sales and events. They weren’t necessarily very efficient. But they involved donors and volunteers as passionate advocates. Do you remember the days of the bake sale? My daughter's dance team had a bake sale and raised $1,000- I was shocked! How did those cute dancing girls do it? It wasn't about their momma's baked goods; it was about their presence at the bake sale table. Smiles, conversations with shoppers, and connecting the town to their goal of going to a big dance competition at Disney World- they communicated their needs and wants, and the money poured in- and btw, the bake goods mostly sat on the table- it was the relationship the young ladies made with the perspective donors as they walked out of the grocery store. What are you doing to build your charities relationship with your community? Consider a bake sale!

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