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Fundraise. NOW.

Did you pause your fundraising plan due to Covid? Were you concerned that fundraising would be considered disrespectful if your organization was not on the front lines? Did you feel that your donors would ignore your requests? STOP. Now, start fundraising. Keep your organization top of mind.

Make sure your donor community knows what you have done the last 6 months to keep your non profit relevant and all the creative ways you found to keep your charity active and helpful. Did you offer educational opportunities? Did you have virtual programming? Did you reach out to your members, clients and donors. Did you share all the amazing outreach you and your team created during the lockdown. Your members, clients and donors want to hear from you. They want to know that their past donations went to good use, they want to give to you again. Share experiences with your followers and let them know that you never stopped working your mission and making a difference in your community. Fundraise. NOW.

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